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Looking for a spices producer for a Wholesale order?

If you are looking for a spices producer, manufacturer, or a merchant for top quality spices from the hills of Kerala,  in that case, you are at the right place. Spices from Kerala have been in demand both domestic and International for various reasons. Apart from industrial and medicinal uses, these spices play a major roles in various cuisines mostly Indian and Arabic and middle eastern cuisines. Traditional merchants have a mechanism of sourcing cardamom from different parts of the country including North East of India, and from Guatemala (Internationally) however, the best cardamom produce worldwide comes from the cardamom hills of Southen India which is known for maritime trade through its ancient ports on the Malabar coast of India.

Cardamom auctioning.jpg

Green Cardamom

There is a region in Kerala known as the Cardamom Hills, a core belt where the temperatures and other climatic and soil conditions are favorable for the best cardamom produce in the world. From medium range cardamom to the top quality cardamom grade - 8mm is available in these regions. Since we are very much based in these cardamom hills we know what best is available and where to source it from. There are two e-auctioning centers that conduct green cardamom auctions under the supervision of the Spices Board of India, and we source it through these auctioning centers as well as from direct farmer collective community movement. The whole Idea to source it from the source is to get a better price for the farmer as well as the final end user, reducing the number of intermediaries that come in between which dramatically top quality spices a very expensive product. ​

The cardamom variety that we source is from the Hybrid variety of cardamom plant named "Njallani" which has around six to seven harvests a year on an average. Exclusive information about low pesticide usage in farms is very important and that is one of the primary criteria that we take into consideration while sourcing cardamom pods. We have our own grading techniques and systems to achieve better accuracy in the size and quality of the Green Cardamom pods. Contact us for the best range of cardamom if you have an order for Green Cardamom, specifically of good quality.​

Black Pepper

The Malabar Pepper from the Idukki high ranges would be one of the best quality one could ever have in world.  We can deliver top export quality and even organic pepper with the highest pepperine proportionate content. 

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