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Our Story

The whole purpose of the Green Earth Spices is to make quality an affordable phenomenon. 

We hail from Kerala and have been seeing cardamom and numerous spices since our childhood. Cardamom, Pepper, and cloves are certain spices that are grown just before our eyes. 


We have two resorts in the hill stations of Munnar and Thekkady, known as Beaumont Plantation Retreat Thekkady and Ela Ecoland Nature Retreat Munnar, and we grow cardamom in both these places, that is how they become plantations retreats.


The cardamom hills of Kerala are predominantly native places in Southern India where the World's best green cardamom are grown. We operated from Chellarkovil which is very close to the Vandanmedu - The heartland of the Green Cardamom in Kerala - Southen India.


The whole idea and concept of Green Earth Spices is to make quality spices an affordable commodity following the best of the farming and industry practices. Our retail products include the best quality Green Cardamom - 8 mm grade, Black Pepper and Cloves. Even though our prime products include Green Cardamom, Cloves, and Black Pepper, we deal with numerous other spices including natural and infused honey.